Thursday, June 8, 2023
Thursday, June 8, 2023

FPJ Cyber Secure: Belapur Resident Approached on LinkedIn, Duped Into Buying Chemicals

Belapur: A Belapur resident lost ₹84.75 lakh to cyber fraudsters while becoming a supplier of a fake pharmaceutical company. The 33-year-old victim was forced to buy a particular chemical for a laboratory test before supplying it to the company.Cyber fraudsters kept increasing the quantity of the chemical for testing and later stopped responding. However, by then, the victim had already transferred ₹84.75 lakh for the chemical.Victim was approached on social media platform LinkedInAs per the victim who is also the complainant, he was approached by a woman identified herself as Alis through Linkedin. The woman asked the complainant to become a chemical supplier to her company Imperial Pharmaceutical. She also provided details where a chemical called Vilica alkaoids fx solution can be procured in India for cancer medicine. The complainant agreed and talked to the number provided by the woman and bought one litre of the chemical for ₹3,43,193. The chemical was delivered near a chemist shop in Nerul and later a man also collected 10 ML of the chemical for laboratory test. Later the chemical was passed in the laboratory test and he was asked to supply another 10 liters for PPQT (Pre Production Qualification Test). The complainant managed money and transferred. However, they again asked to procure

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LinkedIn Introduces Identity Verification For Indian Users; Here's What It Means

LinkedIn, a prominent professional social networking site, debuted a new verification function on Wednesday that allows users to gain the trust of other users through a new verification process. Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager at LinkedIn India, revealed the ID verification function in a blog post, saying that users can utilise their Aadhar Card for the verification procedure. Linkedin implemented the feature in order to acquire the trust of its over 100 million users. Furthermore, social networking networks have long been vulnerable to a variety of frauds, including LinkedIn, where individuals pose as a business and employment-focused platform and prey on job searchers. To take on these issues, the LinkedIn verification ID would be a perfect tool. According to Ashutosh Gupta, country manager at LinkedIn India, "Having an ID verification means that the individual's government-issued ID is verified by one of LinkedIn's verification partners." Speaking of the specifics, ID verification in India is handled by HyperVerge, a third-party identity verification service that utilises DigiLocker, an online wallet for Indian government-issued IDs like the Aadhaar Card. Users who have a valid Aadhaar number and an Indian phone number can use the ID verification service. "You'll have a better chance of discovering the

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Here's the No. 1 way to sound smarter when making small talk, say Harvard and Wharton …

Making small talk with someone you've just met can be terrifying. Common sense tells us we need to convince the other person that we're smart, so we casually drop our job title, education and accomplishments. But it turns out this is exactly the wrong approach.While writing my new book, "NEXT! The Power of Reinvention in Life and Work," I interviewed scores of people who pivoted in their careers, all of whom had to develop new contacts to make their move. Then I spoke to social psychologists about how to make those connections most effectively. I found that the answer is a lot simpler than you think: ask for advice.Seeking advice actually makes you look smarterIn a series of studies, Harvard and Wharton researchers asked students to solve brain teasers with a partner.Some were told they would be judged solely on the accuracy of their answers. Others were told they would be judged according to how good of an impression they made on their partner.The students were given three options for communicating with their partner:Saying, "Hey, can you give me any advice?"Saying, "Hey, I hope you did well."Saying nothing at all.Unsurprisingly, students rated on their accuracy eagerly asked for advice. But those

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Fastest-growing jobs that don't need a bachelor's degree: LinkedIn report – India Today

By India Today Education Desk: In a changing job landscape, the emphasis on college degrees is diminishing as more companies recognise the value of skills and experience over formal education.The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this shift, with a decline in jobs requiring degrees beyond high school, according to ZipRecruiter.In fact, by 2030, the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that the majority of new jobs won't require a bachelor's degree.To shed light on these emerging opportunities, LinkedIn analysed millions of member profiles and descriptions of job postings shared on the platform between 2021 and 2023.For this LinkedIn report, individuals classified as ‘non-bachelor's graduates’ are those who have completed high school, obtained an associate's degree, or finished an apprenticeship programme to gain job-specific training.Here are the fastest-growing jobs that don't need a bachelor's degree:1. CONSULTINGWith a 34% increase in hiring from 2021 to 2022, consulting offers diverse opportunities for individuals to provide specialized advice to companies or clients.Whether as client advisors, business consultants, or solutions consultants, these roles require expertise in specific areas, such as sales or project management.2. MARKETINGThe marketing industry offers numerous paths for non-bachelor's graduates. From social media managers to marketing specialists and coordinators, these roles involve crafting compelling

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Is There An App That Combines All Messaging Apps?

Is There An App That Combines All Messaging Apps? How many times have you sat down to focus on deep work, only to get a dozen pings from half a dozen different messaging apps?  A question from a co-worker on Slack.  A reply to your Twitter thread.  A client request on Microsoft Teams. No wonder you feel stressed juggling all these screens and trying to get back to everyone in time. Switching between screens is not only messy, but it can detract from your productivity as you adjust to the interface of each app and go through the different messaging threads on each.  In this blog post, we introduce the apps that solve this very problem. Not only do these tools unify all your comms in a single place, but they also come with a number of cool features which can make your life easier, simpler, and more organized. How do I combine all my messaging apps? There are several ways to bring all your messaging apps together. Your next job is to find the right one.  Whether you’re looking for a new app to house all your messaging apps or would prefer a native experience where you stay in

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The 10 U.S. cities where people are most satisfied with their jobs – CNBC

Where you live has a greater impact on your happiness and career than you might imagine. According to new research from Glassdoor, the cost of living, weather, traffic patterns and popular industries within a city, among other factors, all have a significant impact on our happiness at work.To find out where some of the happiest employees in the U.S. live, workplace insights platform Glassdoor created a list of the top cities with the most satisfied workers. To develop the rankings, Glassdoor analyzed over 20,000 employee reviews posted on their site between January 2022 and April 2023 by city and identified the 25 cities in the U.S. with the highest ratings.Here are the top 10 cities with the most satisfied employees in the U.S., along with the average salaries for workers in those cities, according to Glassdoor:Provo, UtahAverage overall company rating: 3.94Average annual salary: $61,973San Jose, CaliforniaAverage overall company rating: 3.88Average annual salary: $117,188Santa Barbara, CaliforniaAverage overall company rating: 3.87Average annual salary: $72,240College Station, TexasAverage overall company rating: 3.83Average annual salary: $43,118Boston, MassachusettsAverage overall company rating: 3.82Average annual salary: $87,433San Francisco, CaliforniaAverage overall company rating: 3.81Average annual salary: $108,426Gainesville, FloridaAverage overall company rating: 3.81Average annual salary: $50,026Washington, DCAverage overall company rating: 3.80Average

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Here's why job recruiters ghost you and how to cope – New York Post

We’ve heard it said that your job is not your life, but when you’ve been looking for work for months without landing many interviews, let alone offers, it can be devastating. Consider San Diego resident Hannah Pitman. The talent acquisition specialist has been applying to between 75 to 100 jobs every week since last November, and has shared on LinkedIn that while she’s had a handful of interviews, what she’s mostly received is “a lot of radio silence.” Her situation is not unique. Another LinkedIn user, Veronica R. Chiesi Brown, reported that out of the 174 jobs she has applied to, she has scored three interviews, three rejections (2%), 32 (18%) auto-generated rejections and on the rest (80%) she was ghosted. It’s as if these women were sending the applications into black holes. “I am not begging for a job. I just want to be kept on the radar . . . Feeling forgotten has been hard but I am resilient, and I am choosing not to let tough times in the job market get me down,” wrote Pitman. That’s the right attitude, especially when you consider what many aren’t aware of — that for the most part, humans are to blame. This

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CIA director made unannounced trip to Beijing last month – Axios

Burns arrives to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in March. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesCIA director Bill Burns made an unannounced trip to China last month, a U.S. official confirmed to Axios. Why it matters: The trip to Beijing, which was first reported by the FT, was part of the administration's efforts to stabilize relations after February's spy balloon incident."Last month, Director Burns traveled to Beijing where he met with Chinese counterparts and emphasized the importance of maintaining open lines of communication in intelligence channels," the U.S. official said.National security adviser Jake Sullivan undertook a similar mission last month when he traveled to Vienna to meet Beijing's top diplomat, Wang Yi, though the White House announced that meeting at the time.State of play: While both sides have expressed a desire to keep relations from deteriorating further, Beijing blames Washington for their current state and has declined multiple requests for high-level meetings.Secretary of State Tony Blinken's planned trip to Beijing has still not been rescheduled, and Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu declined to meet his U.S. counterpart Lloyd Austin in Singapore — though the fact that Li is under U.S. sanctions might have been a factor.Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo did

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Kentucky Derby home Churchill Downs suspends races following 12 horse deaths – Axios

The first turn at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, in May 2020. Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty ImagesChurchill Downs, the historic home of the Kentucky Derby, said Friday it will suspend racing operations for several weeks after 12 horses died and others were injured at the Louisville racetrack over the past month.Driving the news: Churchill Downs said the suspension, which takes effect June 7, is necessary to review its safety and surface protocols.Races for its current spring-summer meet will go forward this weekend, while the remaining races will be relocated to Ellis Park in Henderson, Kentucky.What they're saying: The racetrack said it "has seen an unusual number of horse injuries over the previous month," and that initial investigations by horse-racing authorities had not identified a "single factor" behind the deaths.Still, Churchill Downs said it was relocating races "in an abundance of caution, and in alignment with a recommendation from" the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority to allow for a "a top-to-bottom review of all safety and surface protocols and integrity measures in collaboration and consultation with nationwide experts.""What has happened at our track is deeply upsetting and absolutely unacceptable," Bill Carstanjen, CEO of Churchill Downs, said in a statement Friday.The big picture:

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