Friday, September 17, 2021
Friday, September 17, 2021

Galaxis CEO Max Gallardo Discusses the Twitch Competitor's Expedited Contract Model

The influence of professional gamers and other streaming personalities has grown exponentially throughout the last decade. Trendsetters like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins have shattered the barrier between "Internet fame" and genuine, mainstream celebrity. But Twitch and YouTube's business models have their drawbacks, likely needing serious changes in the coming years. One potential catalyst for change is competition, and the forthcoming streaming platform Galaxis could shake things up. One hallmark of Galaxis is a streamlined copyright licensing system that automatically deducts proceeds from the channel using materials, according to CEO Max Gallardo, which could aleviate many of the bulk copyright strike content bans that have plagued creators. That alone could make waves in the industry, but arguably the platform's largest change is in how it approaches corporate contracts. Game Rant spoke with Gallardo about the features he hopes will set his streaming platform apart from current industry giants YouTube and Twitch. Gallardo asserts that the streaming industry's current paradigm contributes to a culture of overwork and creative burn-out. In the current model, the work week for creators starts at 40 hours and can reach 80. According to Gallardo, the way Galaxis handles sponsorship could lead to a whole new paradigm of content…

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Andrew Yang Has Discussed WWE Wrestler Contracts With the Department of Labor – CBR

Andrew Yang says he has been in contact with the U.S. Department of Labor regarding WWE wrestlers' status as "independent contractors." American politician/entrepreneur Andrew Yang says he has been in contact with the U.S. Department of Labor regarding his objections to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) classifying its wrestlers as "independent contractors." "Had a call with the Department of Labor," Yang wrote on Twitter. "If you are a current or former performer who feels you were misclassified as an independent contractor, contact and let's get you what owes you. Been a long time coming but this storyline is real." Had a call with the Department of Labor. If you are a current or former @WWE performer who feels you were misclassified as an independent contractor contact @lkmiddleb and let’s get you what Vince owes you. Been a long time coming but this storyline is real.— Andrew Yang🧢🗽🇺🇸 (@AndrewYang) September 16, 2021 Yang followed up his tweet with another paying homage to ex-WWE wrestler Bo Dallas (real name Taylor Michael Rotunda), writing, "All you have to do is bo-lieve." What's more, Yang assures that "arly returns are positive." WWE has long classified its wrestlers as independent…

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Kirsten Dunst: 'I'm so tired, I haven't slept through the night in months. I have an eye twitch, too'

The star gives one of her best performances in her new film, The Power of the Dog. That’s no mean feat when you’re sleep-deprived from bringing up two young children The main things Kirsten Dunst wanted out of her trip to Italy were to sleep soundly on the plane and to drink a Bellini upon arrival. She would have considered anything else to be a bonus – and, as it turned out, those bonuses were considerable. Dunst had gone to Italy for Venice Film Festival, where she was premiering The Power of the Dog, a new Netflix movie directed by Jane Campion that features one of the 39-year-old actor’s best performances. She arrived on the last day of August, after months at home raising a newborn baby and a year before that stuck at home because, well, duh. So you can imagine how Dunst felt when she got off the plane, boarded a boat at sunset and sped towards her hotel with the lights of Venice twinkling on the horizon. As she took it all in, Dunst began to well up. A full day of air travel, four sleepless months of child-rearing and the most beautiful city you ever saw…

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NICKMERCS wants one big Apex Legends ranked change, but it could lead to “boosting” – Dexerto

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is calling for one major Apex Legends ranked change ⁠— inspired by the title’s pro tour ⁠— that he believes could solve the battle royale’s competitive grind, but admits the bold idea could lead to new “boosting” issues. “RP” has been a hot topic in Apex Legends for a while now. The battle royale’s competitive currency has been part of the title since 2019 and, for the most part, has been relatively well-received. The way the points work means you don’t have to score a hard-earned victory to climb; instead, kills, assists, and placements help that goal too. There is one issue that arises from the “RP” ⁠— Ranked Points, that is ⁠— is that survival hands Apex Legends big boosts, multiplying any kill or assist points a player may have raked in across the competitive lobby. That means ranked players will “rat” (hide until the end), often kill-stealing from teammates in an effort to climb faster, and NICKMERCS has had enough. Respawn EntertainmentMuch of Apex Legends’ ranked play is based on scoring kills and assists. The Twitch star’s call for new Apex Legends ranked changes came after fellow streaming star Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop raised the topic…

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Twitch goes after two originators of “hate raids” against LGBTQ+ streamers – Los Angeles Blade

LONDON, UK – The London-based website known as OnlyFans, which has at least 130 million users and more than 2 million people who create and sell content on the site, including sexually explicit performances, announced on Wednesday that it has reversed a decision made less than two weeks earlier to ban sexually explicit content on its site beginning in October. The reversal came after a groundswell of opposition to the proposed ban surfaced from its performers and customers, many of whom are members of the LGBTQ community who, like their straight counterparts, used the site to generate income over the past year and a half during the COVID pandemic. OnlyFans stated at the time it announced on Aug. 19 its earlier plan to ban sexually explicit content that it did so in response to concerns raised by banks and credit card companies that in recent years have threatened to stop processing payments to adult websites. “Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard,” OnlyFans said in a statement released on Wednesday, Aug. 25. “We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change,” the statement says. “OnlyFans stands for…

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World Series of Warzone & Twitch Rivals Reveal Trios EU Captains –

Some of the Biggest Warzone Stars and Streamers Will Be Leading Teams. World Series of Warzone will showcase four online Call of Duty: Warzone competitions with a $300,000 prize pool per event – the largest program prize pool of any previous Warzone tournaments to date. The semi-invitational program will be separate trios- and duos-based competitions for each of the NA and EU regions. WSOW has announced the five captains for their Duos Europe tournament that will take place in September: Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein, France Dario “Moonryde” Ferracci, Italy Dmitry “Recrent” Osintsev, Russia Liam “Jukeyz” James, England Dana “DancuD” Dima, Latvia Immediately following the conclusion of WSOW Duos Europe, all 150 participants are invited to participate in the #SoloYolo. The details of this exciting finale to the WSOW Europe are as follows: All WSOW Duos Europe participants are invited to drop in to a single match in Verdansk as “solos” While it will immediately happen after the conclusion of the 5th and final match of WSOW Duos Europe, this is completely separate from the scoring and prizing of the Duos event The winner of the #SoloYolo is the last participant alive; note kills will not be taken into account for scoring…

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Trainwrecks calls out “fraud” Twitch gambling streamers who just keep winning – Dexerto

Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam is one of the most prominent gambling streamers on Twitch, but that didn’t stop him from calling out “frauds” in the gambling section who keep winning. Gambling on Twitch has been a huge talking point throughout 2021. Trainwrecks has been heavily involved in the conversation due to how many people watch his streams. Not only has he been criticized by content creators like Ethan Klein, Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and accused of “ripping off kids,” but he’s also lost a significant amount of money and has even considered stopping. To make matters worse, he revealed he’s starting to “feel uncomfortable” gambling due to sponsors possibly helping him, and others, win. And on September 11, he fired out a series of tweets calling out several stars he sees as “frauds” within the gambling category. Twitch / TrainwreckstvTrainwrecks has been vocal about the dangers of gambling despite doing it himself. “I don’t give a f**k who comes after me or who puts me in their sights, if you win every day you’re a fake and a fraud,” he said. He also mentioned an instance where he called a streamer out only to see them conveniently lose shortly after, which he believes…

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Dance in your loungeroom to YO! MAFIA's Twitch sets – Time Out

Go to the content Go to the footer Things to do Your Place , Friday September 17 2021 - Friday December 17 2021 Photograph: Twitch Time Out says Have yourself a boogie twice a week on Twitch and dance your stress away When you're feeling the lockdown blues, maybe dancing will help. And if you think it might, there is no one better able to help you locate those boogie shoes than internationally renowned DJ YO! MAFIA. The Melbourne-based DJ has toured with A-listers like Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga, as well as DJing huge events like the NGV Gala and R'n'B Fridays. But while lockdown means clubs and concerts are off the (turn)table for a while, one thing that will never stop is MAFIA's good vibes and relentless energy. Her sets are wall-to-wall bangers (think Prince, the Spice Girls, Madonna), with plenty of air horns and stories about her fascinating life.  She's performing twice a week on Twitch, on Fridays from 5-7pm and on Sundays from 2.30-5pm. And even though it's online, MAFIA always brings the party with gifs, music videos and an ever-changing Dayglo background. A Sunday session of cats dancing to Madonna's 'Holiday'? Yes please.…

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Biggest Gaming News of the Week: 9/6/21 – 9/12/21

PlayStation held its 2021 games showcase, while the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit concludes with one important ruling, in this week's gaming news recap. Quick Links PlayStation's Big 2021 Showcase: Announcement Highlights Epic Games vs. Apple Lawsuit Ends, Ending 30% Revenue Cut Restriction On Apps Twitch Sues Two Major Hate Raid Organizers Stadia Director for Games Moves To Google Cloud, 'Gaming Solutions' Position GTA Underground Mod Ceases Development After 'Hostility' From Take-Two Interactive PlayStation finally held its big 2021 showcase this week after several rumors, while the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit has finally concluded, in this week's roundup of gaming news. Game Rant has compiled some of the biggest gaming news stories from this past week together into a concise post for fans and enthusiasts to stay up to date on the most important events in the industry per week. Highlighting the most relevant stories, this list is not inherently and totally objective, and will not contain every news story this week. Rather, this is intended for gaming fans who want a quick rundown on the largest/most impactful stories that occurred in the last week in games. In this week's recap of gaming news, Sony's 2021 PlayStation showcase brought a ton…

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Top 5 most followed GTA RP streamers in September 2021 – Sportskeeda

Since GTA RP's popularity grew, the number of GTA RP streams has gradually increased. As a result, several streamers have earned immediate fame, spawning a wide cast of RP characters. These streamers take on various roles, with some of them becoming fan favorites.Many Twitch streamers have a huge audience, which is only anticipated to grow as GTA RP becomes more popular.Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.Most followed GTA RP streamers in September 2021The most followed GTA RP streamers in September 2021 are listed here.5) Loud_Coringa (2.3 million) GTA RP has recently exploded in popularity across the globe, with many Brazilian and Portuguese streamers earning accolades from peers and fans. Victor Augusto, popularly known as Loud Coringa, is a GTA RP streamer from Brazil with 2.3 million Twitch followers.In this non-English speaking part of the world, Loud_Coringa is the most popular GTA RP streamer. His Twitch channel continues to grow at a quicker rate than anyone else's.Coringa is a member of the LOUD collective, a famous esports organization in Brazil, who have their own GTA RP server called Cidade Alta. His Twitch fan base is also rather active, with over 200,000 views on all of his GTA RP…

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