Friday, January 27, 2023
Friday, January 27, 2023

Top 10 Free Blogging Sites For 2023 – Inventiva

Top 10 Free Blogging Sites for 2023 A common way for people and small businesses to communicate their views, ideas, and experiences to the world is through blogging. A blog can effectively reach a larger audience, whether trying to share your specialist knowledge on a particular subject, chronicle your journey, or advertise your business. Today’s digital world is heavily reliant on blogging. Blogs allow you to express your thoughts or opinions, much like keeping or writing a diary. You can submit reviews of certain books, movies, or anything you may have bought as well as articles about fashion, cinematography, lifestyle, travel, and other topics. Since college student Justin Hall started blogging in 1994 on, blogging has advanced significantly. Blogging allows you to express yourself through words and photographs, audio, GIFs, quotes, and much more. In addition, individuals can develop their careers through blogging and become professionals. Whether you want to start blogging solely for fun or whether you want to try it professionally is irrelevant. Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive to start, which is one of its significant advantages. Several free blogging platforms let you start a blog, personalize its look, and publish material., Blogger (Blogspot), Wix

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David Strahan – Eugene Weekly

David Strahan. Photo by Paul Neevel.David Strahan grew up in Southern California, a few blocks away from Disneyland. “Four days after my high school graduation,” he relates, “I grabbed the car keys and headed north to find the brothers I’d been separated from in childhood. When our mom left our birth father, I was a latchkey kid. My new father was brutal.” Strahan moved in with his brother in Springfield, Oregon, and worked 23 years for Kingsford Charcoal, ascending the jobs ladder. He got married in the ’90s, and his wife’s son from a previous marriage was killed in Iraq in 2004. “Kingsford fought me when I went out to lower the flag,” he says, “so I quit that job and went back to school for a state electrical license. My first job was three years at Riverbend Hospital.” In addition to electrical contracts, Strahan ran storage auctions and began volunteering with local agencies, including riverbank cleanups with Willamette Riverkeeper. “I met homeless veterans living in unsanitary conditions,” he reports, “and I picked up dilapidated RVs super cheap at auctions. I restored them to livable condition for a veteran in someone’s driveway.” In 2013 he cut back on paid electrical

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Man pleads guilty to uploading intimate videos of ex-girlfriend onto pornographic websites

SINGAPORE — The woman had given consent to her boyfriend to record intimate images of themselves while they were still in a relationship, but what she did not know was that he then went on to upload these images onto various pornographic websites, and continued doing so after they broke up. She only discovered his offences more than two years after their relationship had ended. On Wednesday (Jan 25), the man, a 23-year-old Singaporean, pleaded guilty to three charges related to the circulation of obscene materials and a single charge for the possession of obscene films. Three other voyeurism charges will be taken into consideration for the man’s sentencing, which is scheduled to take place on Feb 15. He cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the identity of the 23-year-old victim as they were both in a relationship with each other when the offences first took place in 2017. Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Etsuko Lim told the court that during this time, the man would take consensual intimate videos and photographs of his then-girlfriend, which included moments when they were having sex with each other. The man then subsequently uploaded 12 of these videos and two

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Trends: The aesthetic of female sadness has returned once again | The Dartmouth

The internet trend may look different, but its resurgence has potentially dangerous ramifications. by Jessica Sun Li | 1/23/23 2:15am Social media’s obsession with microtrends has created a revolving door of popular aesthetics — “e-girl” became “cottage-core” which evolved to “dark academia” and has recently transformed into “ballet-core.” A scroll through TikTok in the last few months reveals the increasing popularity of the television show “Fleabag,” books from Sally Rooney and music from Phoebe Bridgers. Although not explicitly named, all of these aspects and obsessions point to a larger trend: the revival of the aesthetic of being a sad teenage girl. The modern popularity of the sad girl originated on Tumblr between 2011 and 2014. It included listening to music from Lana del Rey, Arctic Monkeys and Lorde; clothing like black Converse, ripped black skinny jeans and anything from American Apparel. In some ways, Tumblr of this time period was a way for girls to express themselves, find friends and feel heard online — when they couldn’t offline.  What became a problem, though, was the way in which these physical aesthetics became a symbol of a romanticization or glorification of poor mental health. One former Tumblr user, Levi, told i-D

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