Sunday, December 4, 2022
Sunday, December 4, 2022

Can A Simple Circle Of Salt Throw Off A Self-Driving Car? – TwistedSifter

At first it might have seemed as if self-driving cars were going to be an easy thing to make happen, but more than a few kinks are proving a bit hard to iron out. Now, artist James Bridle thinks we need to add “table salt” to the list. In 2017, he demonstrated how two rings of salt and an understanding of road markings could confuse a self-driving car to the point of totally shutting itself down. He called it Autonomous Trap 001, and created it by putting two rings of salt around the vehicle, one in broken strips and the other a block line – telling the care to go right and not to cross at the same time. Autonomous Trap 001 from stml on Vimeo. The experiment itself was not without challenges, according to Bridle. “I ran out of salt, and had to drive back to the nearest village to buy a few more kilos. Luckily, salt, unlike bandwidth and computational power, is a pretty cheap resource. Also, I should have pulled my trousers up for the video.” Nothing is perfect, I suppose. Elon Musk, who you may realize has some interest in self-driving vehicles, responded to the experiment

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Cartoon: America's 'Zero' Strategy – Daily Kos

x Vimeo Video China’s “zero Covid” policy has sparked rare protests across the nation of nearly a billion and a half people. Which led me to think about our very own failed “zero” policy here in the United States. Zero corporate tax. To be fair, it’s not a policy per se, but is clearly an aspiration that has been achieved. Scores of huge corporations — which have been enjoying record profits — have paid nothing in federal income tax over the past few years. Never mind the bargain basement rates of 30% or even 15%, these multibillion dollar corporations are paying 0%, or even a negative rate (which of course translates to a refund). Fortunately, the Inflation Reduction Act put a minimum corporate tax of 15% into effect — although corporations are still trying to save earlier tax breaks. Meanwhile, the expanded child tax credit (which created the largest ever recorded drop in child poverty) was chopped and corporate profits continue to roll in. Maybe there is a parallel universe out there where corporations who have achieved their vast fortunes don’t do everything they can to avoid contributing to the society that gives them those vast fortunes? And speaking of

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Bolivia Is Home To “The World's Largest Mirror” – Unofficial Networks

Breathtaking compilation of timelapse shots from Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia aka “The world’s largest mirror.” The salt flat is the remnants of a prehistoric lake that went dry leaving behind a 11,000 sqkm landscape of bright-white salt and rock formations. When it rains, a thin layer of water creates reflections that are nothing short of surreal. Bucket list thing to witness for sure. “Reflections from Uyuni is a Time-lapse short film that shows the intrinsic beauty of the sea salt of Uyuni and the province of Potosí in Bolivia. The reflections produced by the water flooding in the rainy season, are the main protagonist Enrique Pacheco´s camera, who invites us to dream with impossible images from another world, where the sky meets the earth forming an infinite mirage. The sea salt of Uyuni with over 10,000km2 is the largest in the world. It is located in the province of Potosi, Bolivia, near the Andes, at an altitude of 3.656m. The Salar of Uyuni serves as a transport route through the Altiplano of Bolivia, but tourism has an increasingly more important role in the area.”

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Matt Rhule on the Jim Rome Show – All Huskers – Sports Illustrated

New head coach for Nebraska football discusses his philosophy, the Mickey Joseph situation and moreMatt Rhule was a guest on Jim Rome's radio show Thursday. The Huskers' new head football coach touched on a number of topics, including what attracted him to the Nebraska job.The complete audio follows the two video segments below. Rhule's  comments about the Mickey Joseph situation can be found at the 5:47 mark in the full audio. (Rhule said he was "shocked and surprised" by Joseph's arrest. "We were scheduled to meet yesterday, but then obviously things have changed since then," he said.)On coaching at NebraskaRhule talks about how Nebraska was a perfect fit for him as a coach. On staying in the gameRhule discusses why he felt the itch to jump back into coaching  right away rather than wait.Scroll to ContinueThe full interview: Get your Huskers tickets from SI Tickets here.In This Article (3)Nebraska Cornhuskers

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Extremely Gruesome Video Shows 2 Deer, 1 Dead, Locked Together – K2 Radio

***GRAPHIC VIDEO AHEAD***Time and time again we see how nasty and cruel nature can be.The number one group of folks that care the most about the wildlife and nature is really the men and women that love to hunt and fish. Conservation organizations are always out to make sure the wildlife are taken care of. The better taken care of they are, the better the hunting and fishing opportunities are.If you go out into the outdoors regularly, you're eventually going to stumble across something that makes you scratch your head and may turn your stomach.One group that's been a major player in the outdoor world for a long time is the world leading outdoor magazine, Field & Stream Magazine. In a video recently posted on the Field & Stream YouTube channel, it was definitely one of those moments that was a stomach turner.Wildlife Archeologist Adam Segroves stumbled upon quite the scene. Two mule deer bucks were locked together in a rut battle. On one side was a 4x4 buck and on the other was a 5x5 buck.In this particular match up, the smaller buck was the victor. The odd part was, the 5x5 was dead. Yep, you read that right. The bucks

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The future of hospitality operations: What will impact profits? –

HB on the Scene, Operations, Videos by Hotel Business November 30, 2022 Sponsored by Sponsored by Actabl and hosted by Remington Hotels, Hotel Business held an executive roundtable that looked into the future of hotel operations and how the industry can innovate to maximize profits. Hosted by Related PostsThe future of hospitality operations: Looking to 2023 Hospitality leaders look to next yearHB on the Scene: Looking Ahead—The future of hospitality operations Leaders discuss operational efficiencyHB on the Scene: AAHOA members have significant economic impact and industry… DALLAS—AAHOA revealed the results of a new study conducted in partnership with Oxford Economics, that found…Hotel Operations: Success strategies for the year ahead Hot Topics session talks the year ahead

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Video Marketing Analytics Professional Market 2028 Key Insights and Leading Players …

The report concludes that due to the emergence of new competitors, product varieties, applications, laws, demand patterns, and other factors, the worldwide Video Marketing Analytics Professional industry is going through an exceptional period of change. The primary objective of this research article is to present country-specific assessments for the US, Canada, India, China, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Germany, the UK, Australia, and Japan. In-depth information is provided in the research on the trends, factors driving the worldwide Video Marketing Analytics Professional sector, and difficulties. Profiles of top worldwide Video Marketing Analytics Professional market suppliers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, and other companies with a large influence on the market are included in the report. The Video Marketing Analytics Professional research has taken into account a wide range of industrial sub-sectors and divisions that are significant to the global economy. Furthermore, Video Marketing Analytics Professional industry research offers an in-depth analysis of the numerous factors that affect a company internationally. A committed group of market forecasters also focuses on the broad strategic aspects of the regional and global Video Marketing Analytics Professional markets. The global Video Marketing Analytics Professional market is comparable in that it offers a detailed analysis of the latest industry research as

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Oscar-winners Jordan Peele and Riz Ahmed onboard Nuhash's 'Moshari' – Dhaka Tribune

Oscar winners Jordan Peele and Riz Ahmed boarded Nuhash Humayun's short film “Moshari,” as executive producers. The film qualified for the Oscars and now stands as a strong contender to receive an Oscar nomination in the Best Live Action Short Film category at the 95th Academy Awards. Nuhash Humnayun's “Moshari” is an exploration of climate change in Bangladesh, which centers on two sisters surviving in a surreal world while fighting their own inner battles. MOSHARI from Nuhash Humayun on Vimeo.Oscar winner actor-director Jordan Peele is going to executive produce “Moshari” through his organization Monkeypaw Productions. Monkeypaw Productions stated: “Nuhash drew us into his dynamic post-apocalyptic world and never let go… Monkeypaw is so grateful to be a part pf the team.”Oscar winning British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed will also executive produce “Moshari” through his production company Left Handed Films. Head of television of Left Handed Films, Allie Moore, about the collaboration said: “Nuhash weaves together jump scares and an emotional survival story of two young sisters, confronting colonialism and climate change in the process. We're thrilled to join his team and help share the story.” “Moshari” is the first ever Bangladeshi film to qualify for an Oscar. It has already won several overseas recognitions

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How Mike White takes the NY Jets offense to NFL standards | Film

Mike White brings confidence and steadiness to the New York Jets offense “Everything needs to be evaluated. When you put up one hundred yards of offense, I don’t care how good New England is, and they are good, it’s unacceptable. That’s not NFL football. Everything is being talked about.” That’s what Robert Saleh said after the New York Jets‘ 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots, and he was right. Picking up 100 yards of offense, no matter who you are up against, is unacceptable in today’s game. There’s just too much speed in today’s game with rules that don’t punish it. With a defense that is championship caliber, the Jets had to reevaluate. And they did. Their conclusion: The team needed Mike White. White, a former fifth-round selection from the Dallas Cowboys, isn’t going to widen anyone’s eyes. Despite being listed at 6-foot-5, White is a skinny quarterback who doesn’t possess the strong arm nor the quick release desired with younger quarterbacks around the league. Nonetheless, White has other qualities that any excellent NFL quarterback must have: football IQ, pocket awareness, leadership, and confidence. One can also add the ability to vary his touch, to put something more tangible

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